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Subjects to value added tax refund:

Article 18 of Circular 219/2013 / TT-BTC stipulates 9 subjects, cases of VAT refund, including:

  1. Business establishments shall pay VAT according to the tax credit method if their input VAT amounts are not fully deducted in a month (in case of monthly declaration) or quarterly (in case of declaration according to quarter) will be deducted in the following period; In case of accumulation after at least twelve months starting from the first month or after at least four quarters from the first quarter, the uncredited input VAT amount arises but the input VAT amount still remains non-deductible After all, the business establishment will be entitled to tax refund.
  2. Business establishments newly established from investment projects with business registration, registration for VAT payment under the deduction method, or projects on exploration and development of oil and gas fields are in investment stage. If the investment is not in operation yet, if the investment period is 01 year (12 months) or more, VAT will be refunded on goods and services used for investment each year.
  3. VAT refund for new investment projects.
  4. Business establishments in a month (for the case of monthly declaration) or quarter (for the case of quarterly declaration) have exported goods or services if the input VAT on exported goods and services If the importer has not been deducted from 300 million VND or more, the value added tax will be refunded monthly or quarterly; If in a month or quarter, the uncredited input VAT on exported goods and services is less than VND 300 million, it may be credited in the following month or quarter.
  5. Business establishments that pay value-added tax according to the tax credit method are entitled to value-added tax refund upon ownership transformation, enterprise transformation, merger, consolidation, division, separation, dissolution or destruction. production or shutdown has an overpaid value-added tax amount or the input value-added tax amount has not been fully credited.
  6. Refund of VAT for programs and projects using non-refundable official development assistance (ODA) capital or non-refundable aid or humanitarian aid.
  7. Subjects enjoying diplomatic privileges and immunities in accordance with the law on diplomatic privileges and immunities that purchase goods or services in Vietnam for their use shall be entitled to a refund of the paid value-added tax amount stated above. value added invoices or on payment vouchers stating the payment price including value added tax.
  8. Foreigners and overseas Vietnamese holding passports or entry papers issued by foreign competent agencies are entitled to tax refund for goods purchased in Vietnam and brought along upon exit. The VAT refund shall comply with the guidance of the Ministry of Finance on VAT refund for goods bought by foreigners and overseas Vietnamese bought in Vietnam when on exit.
  9. Business establishments having tax refund handling decisions of competent agencies according to the provisions of law and value added tax refund cases under treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a tablets.

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