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BBF Vietnam Co., Ltd. respectfully guides and answers a number of questions of customers related to procedures for establishing a Vietnamese enterprise / company establishment in 2020 as follows:

Who has the right to establish a company?

According to the provisions of the law, customers just over 18 years old who are not eligible to establish business management can start a business and establish a company. For cadres and civil servants and public employees, they are only allowed to contribute capital to joint-stock companies due to their transfer as securities investment in the stock market.

Where to apply for a company establishment?

If you establish an individual business household, you submit it at the People’s Committee of the district where the business is located, when establishing a company, you submit it to the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment. from where the business is headquartered.

Does establishing a company need permanent residence or not?

The establishment of a company is not based on the permanent household registration of the founders, but the entrepreneur can establish a company in any province when having business needs in that province.

How much new capital can a company be established?

According to the current Enterprise Law, the declaration of how much capital is the right of the enterprise, the enterprise is self-declared and responsible for the company’s charter capital. Except for industries that require legal capital, enterprises must register capital levels in accordance with the law but do not need to prove capital sources, but only ensure responsibility for declared capital sources and sufficient collateral. according to a number of specific professions.

Is it possible to register the apartment building as corporate headquarters?

According to the current law, the apartment building and the collective house are not registered as the company’s headquarters nor the address of the company’s branches, representative offices or business locations.

What documents need to prepare to establish a company?

To carry out the procedure for establishing a company, customers only need to prepare a notarized copy of their identity card or citizen’s identity card or valid passports of the founding members and shareholders. ty.

What are the basic taxes to pay after starting a company?

License tax is paid at a fixed rate according to registered charter capital (Companies established in 2020 are exempt from license tax);
V.A.T tax;
Corporate income tax: Normally 20% of profits, only pay when the company has profits).

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