Accounting Services

Our accounting services are flexibly designed to suit the specific management requirements and information needs of each business.

Not only providing accounting services, our tax consultants also bring added value for partners, by periodically reviewing and advising for savings opportunities. tax on a basis in line with the goals of the business.

Our accounting services include all the work of accountants required by the Enterprise, from contacting regulators, registering accounting forms, performing the duties of Chief Accountant. , gather documents, record accounting books, prepare financial statements, declare and finalize taxes, to prepare reports for the management and administration of business leaders.

We also provide accounting services related to only one or several jobs that suit your own needs.

When transferring these jobs to the enterprise, we will continue to assist in a reasonable time to ensure that the accounting apparatus always meets the requirements of the enterprise.

In addition, our accounting services also help businesses avoid the nuisance when there is a change in accounting personnel that businesses often encounter, allowing businesses to spend more time on programs. your plan, your strategy.

  1. For newly established enterprises:

New businesses that are newly established, want to save costs, do not want to recruit accountants, chief accountants, but need qualified, qualified and experienced accountants to perform accounting and newspaper jobs. tax reports … as well as need advice on accounting, tax then choose accounting services.

  1. For small and medium enterprises:

For small and medium enterprises that do not want to organize an accounting apparatus at the enterprise, but want to ensure the accounting and tax requirements of the business. Accounting services completely meet the desires of your business.

In case the business owner is not knowledgeable about accounting and tax, it is difficult to control and evaluate whether or not the accountant will comply with the regulations. Using accounting services will help business owners not have to worry about this problem.

  1. For operating enterprises, it is necessary to have a team of consultants:

BBF Vietnam can meet this requirement of the business, especially our experts have an auditor’s certificate (CPA) issued by the Ministry of Finance, a tax practice certificate issued by the General Department Tax level.

  1. Foreign-invested enterprises operating in Vietnam:

For foreign enterprises that do not understand Vietnamese law, they should use accounting services to understand and comply with regulations, avoid related risks

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